I'm only human

I feel like I’ve missed something.. 

You’ve missed… quite a lot.

Care to explain?

I feel like I’ve missed something.. 


I’ll be ready for the game I promise!

If you’re seriously injured don’t play, You don’t want to hurt yourself even worse. 



I hurt my back so I’mma just lay here and die.

Uh-oh what did you do? you better feel better before the game! 

Dear Everyone,  


I’m sorry.

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Marley.. Don’t do this..I know it seems like the only way right now but it’s not. Come over, or meet me somewhere, Let’s talk okay? 

You know what I love most about this time of year? 


The ‘ol Hallows Eve.

It used to be my favorite now Thanksgiving and Christmas are tied.

Halloween seems to bring out the worst in people. 

I can’t wait for game day 

All I need to do is make it through the week. 

Anytime Noah.

I hate this, I hate this 


I don’t see the point of anything anymore…

Hey if you need to talk I’m here..


Monday couldn’t come quicker.

what’s happening monday?